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Autumn/winter tips

Any top heavy shrubs and perennials can be reduced in height by about a third at this time of year to reduce the chance of damage by winter snows. Make sure newly planted trees and taller shrubs are well staked and tied to avoid damaging new roots.

If you have any Acers (Japanese Maples) the wispy growth can be trimmed back in early autumn. We do not advise cutting into the thicker stems.

Clematis and climbing plants can be trimmed back to tidy in autumn. The main pruning time for Clematis being late February (depending on group type).

Clematis Group 1

Winter flowers - Alpinas, Macropetala, Armandii varieties and all the Montanas - do not prune now you will be cutting of flowering wood.

Group 2

Large flowering type that flower before the end of June. These should be pruned back to a pair of good strong looking buds on each stem normally you should end up with a good network  of stems between 5 and 6 feet tall.
If you have a group 2 clematis that is thin and spindly cut the whole plant down to about 9”-12” as this with thicken the plant up.

Group 3

Plants that flower after the end of June. These include some of the larger flowering types - Tanquiticas, Viticellas, Texensis, all the herbaceous types. Cut the whole plant down to 12 inches don’t be afraid it will be back looking better than ever.
One other tip is always apply slug pellets around the plants after pruning (there are pet and wildlife friendly pellets available now). We have used them for some years now and are very effective.

If you are still unsure about pruning or what group your plants fall into just send and email or phone and I’ll try to help.

Happy Gardening


Catalogue Plants CE - CO

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Cedrus Deodora Feelin Blue - Intense blue low growing cedar. Rare form good for containers. Excellent ground cover. Prefers acid or neutral soil. Any aspect.   Price £7.00

celendine brazen hussey

Cedrus Deodora Golden Horizon - Slow growing evergreen. Rich golden young growth maturing to light green. Ht 6’ in 10 years. Any reasonable soil. Full sun   Price £7.00


Celendine “Brazen Hussey” - A low growing perennial for a sunny position having . yellow butiercup flowers in spring over dark purplish foliage. Ht6” Sprd 24”.plant in sun for best colour. prefers moist/damp soils.note this plant has summer dormancy.   Price £5.00

centaurea atropurpurea

Centaurea “Atropurpurea” - Deep red thistle like flowers from june to september will continue flowering if dead headed. Ht 30” Sprd 24”.any reasonable well drained soil.prefers some sun.
Price £5.00

centaurea cineraria

Centaurea Cineraria - Feathery pink/purple. flowers in summer over fine dissected silver foliage. Ht.18” Sprd.18” .any well drained garden soil.sun or light shade.   Price £5.00

centaurea orientalis

Centaurea Orientalis - Masses of papery buds opening to yellow thistle like flowers from june to september. Ht 3’ Sprd 1’.any well drained soil.sun or part shade.   Price £5.00

Ceratostigma Forest Blue c

Ceratostigma Forest Blue - New variety of this popular shrub having the deepest blue flowers in late summer 2x2’. Any well drained soil. Sun/part shade. Plant breeders’ rights granted propagation illegal.  Price £5.00


Ceratostigma Griffithii - Hardy plumbago. Deep blue flowers early autumn. Red autumn foliage. Ht 2’, Sprd 3’. Well drained soil. Sun or part shade.   Price £5.00

Ceratostigma Plumbaginiodes c1

Ceratostigma Plumbaginiodes - Hardy plumbago. Bright blue flower in summer red foliage in autumn. Ht 3’, Sprd 3’. Any well drained soil. Sunny sheltered position. 
Price £5.00

ceratostigma sapphire ring

Ceratostigma Sapphire Ring - Bright blue flowers late summer over rich golden foliage.2x3’any well drained soil. part shade prefered.protected by plant breeders rights.   Price £5.00

Ceratostigma Willmotianium c

Ceratostigma Willmotianum - Shrubby plumbago. Bright blue flower in summer red foliage in autumn. Ht 3’, Sprd 3’. Any well drained soil. Sunny sheltered position.   Price £5.00  

cercidiphyllum japonicum

Cercidiphyllum Japonicum - Katsura attractive small tree having pale yellow or smokey pink autumn colouring. Ht20’+.requires good fertile soil.not too windy.  Price £5.00


Chaenomeles “Madame Butterfly” - A00

chaenomeles speciosa moerloose I

Chaenomeles Speciosa Moerloosei - Masses of delicate pink and white flowers in early spring. Ht 6’ Sprd 6’.excellent grown as a wall shrub.any soil.any aspect.   Price £5.00

Chaenomeles Superba Nivalis c

Chaenomeles Speciosa “Nivalis” - Japanese quince white flower late winter early spring. Followed by decorative yellow fruits in autumn. Grows to 8ft. Any soil. Sun or shade.   Price £5.00

Chaenomeles “Madame Butterfly” c

Chaenomeles Superba “Cameo” - A beautiful form of the popular Japonica or Quince having soft pink double flowers in early spring. Ht 5’, Sprd 4’. Any soil. Any aspect.   Price £5.00

Chaenomeles Superba Crimson And Gold c

Chaenomeles Superba “Crimson and Gold” - Medium sized shrubs of vigorous habit for either wall training or as a shrub. Crimson flower petal with golden anthers in Feb/March. Any reasonable soil. Any aspect.   Price £5.00

Chaenomeles Superba Geisha Girl c

Chaenomeles Superba “Geisha Girl” - Masses of peachy/cream flowers in early spring. Followed by large yellow fruits in Autumn. Ht 2’, Sprd 4’. Any reasonable garden soil. Sun or shade.
Price £5.00

Chaenomeles Superba Pink Lady c

Chamaecyparis Superba “Pink Lady” -  A beautiful form of the popular quince/cydonia. Ideal to grow on low walls or free standing pale peach flowers in early spring. Ht 4’, Sprd 4’. Any soil. Any aspect.
Price £5.00

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana allum II magnifica

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana “Allumii Magnifica” - A tall columnar evergreen conifer having bluish foliage. Htb/10’ in 10 yrs.any unwater ··logged soil. Any aspect.   Price £5.00

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana columnaris glauca

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana “Columnaris Glauca” - Medium sized evergreen conifer of narrow habit atrractive bluish grey foliage.8-10’1n 1 oyrs.any reasonable soil.any aspect.   Price £5.00

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ellswoods gold

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Ellswoods Gold” - Dense evergreen ideal for tubs and rockeries 3’/1 oyrs.any reasonable soil .any aspect.   Price £5.00


Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana “Gold Pot” - Slow growing evergreen having rich golden foliage. Upright branching foliage. Ht 5’ in 10 years. Any soil. Any aspect.   Price £5.00

Chamaecyparis Lawosoniana Little Sprite c1

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana Little Spire - Blueish conifer with an upright habit slow growing very decorative. Ht 6’ in 10 years. Prefers light/medium soil. Most aspects.   Price £5.00

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana pembury blue

Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana “Pembury Blue” - Evergreen feathery blue silver foliage good for containers. Ht 6ft in 10yrs. moist well drained soil.needs some sun for best colour.   Price £5.00

Chamaecyparis Pisifera Boulevard c

Chamaecyparis Pisifera Boulevard - Very popular colourful dwarf conifer having bright stealy blue foliage threaded with silver in summer turning greyish in winter. Good for tubs. Ht 3-4’ in 10 years. Any reasonable soil. Any aspect.   Price £5.00

Chamaecyparis Pisifera Curly Tops c

Chamaecyparis Pisifera Curly Tops - Superb silver blue foliage with twisted tips, similar to boulevard but slower growing. Height 3’ in 10 years. Most moist soils. Any aspect.   Price £5.00

Chasmanthium Laftfolius c

Chasmanthium Latifolius - Medium sized grass having leaves and stems resembling bamboo. Very attractive dark brown flattened flower heads in summer. Ht 4-5’. Any soil. Any aspect.
Price £5.00

Choisya Ternata c

Choisya Ternata - White star like scented flowers in May/June. Evergreen shiny aromatic foliage. Grows to 6ft. Any reasonable garden soil. Full sun or light shade.   Price £5.00

Choisya Ternata Sundance c

Choisya Ternata “Sundance” - Golden foliage. White scented flowers in May, evergreen. Size 5x4’. Any reasonable garden soil. Prefers a sheltered spot. Plant breeders’ rights apply. No propagation permitted.   Price £5.00

choisya gold fingers

Choisya  “Gold Fingers” - **New** Evergreen shrub having rich golden foliage and scented white flws.5x4’any well drained soil sun or part shade.potected variety propagation prohibited.
Price £5.00

choisya white dazzler

Choisya  “White Dazzler” - A dense compact evergreen shrub having masses of scented white flowers in spring and autumn. Ht 3’ Sprd 3’.any reasonable soil.any aspect.   Price £5.00

circium mt. etna

Circium “Mt. Etna” - A unusual thistle like plant having fluffy thistle like white topped pale pink/lavender flowers in summer.any soil especially dryish.prefers full sun.  Price £5.00

circium rivulare atropurpureum

Circium Rivulare Atropurpureum - Unusual thistle like plant although no spiny. only stopped in its flowering by the cold weather.purplish red thistle like flowers. Ht 3’ Sprd 1’. Any soil.full sun.
Price £5.00


Circium Vulgare - Unusual thistle like plant although not spiny. Only stopped in its flowering by cold weather. Purplish thistle knobs over a rosette of foliage. Ht 3’, Sprd 1-2’. Prefers a moist rich soil in sun.
Price £5.00

Cistus Alan Fradd c

Cistus “Alan Fradd” - Sun rose.Masses of papery white flowers with maroon stained in centre and yellow stamens in summer. Evergreen, ht 4’, Spread 4’. Any well drained soil. Not too exposed.
Price £5.00

Copy of Cretius c

Cistus “Cretius” - Small evergreen shrub. Pink flowers with yellow stamens in summer. Ht 3’, Sprd 3’. Any reasonable well drained soil. Prefers some sun.   Price £5.00

cistus little miss sunshine1

Cistus “Little Miss Sunshine” - New variety evergreen good golden variegation.white flowers in summer. Ht 3’ Sprd 3’.any well drained soil.shel tered position.  Price £5.00

Cistus Lusitanicus Decumbens c

Cistus Lusitanicus Decumbens - Large white flowers having maroon blotches in centre. Evergreen. 3x3’. Any reasonable soil. Flowers best in sunny position.    Price £5.00

Cistus Purpureus c

Cistus Purpureus - Rosy crimson flowers with central maroon blotches and yellow stamens June-July. Ht 5’. Evergreen. Well drained soil. Sunny spot.   Price £5.00

cistus silver pink

Cistus Silver Pink - A very showy shrub having masses of silvery pink paper like flowers.evergreen.size 4’x . 4’ .. well drained soil .full sun essential.   Price £5.00

Cistus Sunset c1

Cistus “Sunset” - A small to medium sized evergreen having papery pink flowers in summer. Ht 3’, Sprd 3’. Any reasonable well drained soil. Prefers some sun.    Price £5.00

clerodendron bunge I pink diamond

Celrodendron Bungei “Pink Diamond” - An attractive bushy shrub having variegated foliage topped with pink flowers.Ht 5-6' Sprd 4'.Good in containers.Protect from sever cold.
Price £7.00

cleome sinorita rosalita

Cleome “Sinorita Rosalita” - Explosions of pink flowers on tallish palmate green foliage from may to setember. Ht 24” Sprd 16”.any reasonable soil.prefers a sunny aspect.   Price £5.00

Clematis - Pilu np

Clematis Piilu - Large wavy edged lilac flowers with carmine bar in May/June and August/September. Height approx 6 -7 feet.Any reasonable soil. Any aspect. Group 2 pruning.


Clematis Texensis “Ladybird Johnson” - Deep red tulip like flowers in late summer. Grows to approximately 10’. Any reasonable soil. Not for deep shade. Shade root area after planting. Keep moist.

Clematis Texensis - Princess Diana np

Clematis Texensis “Princess Diana” - Deep red tulip like flowers in late summer. Height 8-9 Feet. Any reasonable soil. Requires sunny aspect. Shade roots after planting. Cut back hard end of February.

clethera barbinervis

Clethera “Barbinervis” - A medium sized beautiful shrub producing long racemes of fragrant white flowers in late summer.also benefitiing from good autumn colour. Ht 6’ Sprd 5’. requires a lime free soil.any aspect.   Price £6.00

clethera pink spire

Clethera “Pink Spire” - Fragrant pink bottlebrush like flowers in late summeriautumn. Ht 6’ Sprd 5’.requires an acidic soil.any aspect. clerodendron bungei ‘pink diamond” an attractive bushy shrub having variegated foliage topped with pink flowers. Ht 5-6’ Sprd 4’.good in containers.protect from severe cold.   Price £6.00

Clianthus Puniceus Red Cardinal c

Clianthus Puniceus Red Cardinal - Parrots bill. A vigorous semi evergreen having unusual bright red flowers resembling a parrot’s beak. Ht up to 6-7’. Requires a good sunny South or West facing position. Any reasonable soil.   Price £6.00

codonopsis rotundifolia

Codonopsis Rotundifolia - A twining/climbing plant having beautiful bell shaped flowers of greenish/yellow stained maroon. Ht 6-8’. well drained soil in sun or part shade.   Price £6.00

Convolvulus Cneorum c

Convolvulus Cneorum - Silver foliage recurring white flowers from June to Oct. Ht 3’, Sprd 3’. Any reasonable garden soil. Sunny dry position.   Price £5.00

Coprosma Evening Glow c

Coprosma “Evening Glow” - A low growing dense shrub having multi-coloured splash to leaves. Ht 3’, Sprd 3’. Any reasonable soil. Prefers a sheltered position.   Price £5.00

Coprosma Fireburst c

Coprosma “Fireburst” - An attractive compact evergreen shrub with striking variegated foliage. Ideal for use in containers. May need some protection in winter. Ht 3’, Sprd 3’. Any reasonable soil. Sun or part shade.   Price £5.00

Coprosma Pacific Night c

Coprosma “Pacific Night” - Stunning deep purple bronze foliage evergreen compact broad habit. Ht 3-4’, Sprd 4’. Any well drained soil. Any aspect.   Price £5.00

Coprosma Rainbow Surprisec

Coprosma “Rainbow Surprise” - A dense low growing evergreen shrub having very colourful foliage. Ht 3’, Sprd 3’. Any reasonable soil. Prefers sheltered position.   Price £5.00

coprosma tequila sunrise

Coprosma “Tequila Sunrise” - A striking shiny leaved evergreen shrub changing colours throughout the seasons. ideal for patio planter. Ht 2-3’ Sprd 2’. Any well drained soil.may need winter protection.   Price £5.00

cordyline charlie boy

Cordyline Charlie Boy - A new introduction from a friend and fellow nurseryman having strappy pink and red striped foliage and surviving temperatures as low as minus 8. Any well . drained soil, but still requires a sheltered position.   Price £7.00


Cordyline “Southern Splendour” - A new form of this popular palm having very colourful red and pink striped leaves. Ht 5’, Sprd 4’. Any well drained soil. Good for containers. Prefers some sun.   Price £7.00

“All prices liable to variation.”

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