Stone Green Nurseries - Bethersden, Kent for an amazing range of Plants and Shrubs in a wide range of sizes.
Stone Green Nurseries - Bethersden, Kent for an amazing range of Plants and Shrubs in a wide range of sizes. Click here to email us

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Autumn/winter tips

Any top heavy shrubs and perennials can be reduced in height by about a third at this time of year to reduce the chance of damage by winter snows. Make sure newly planted trees and taller shrubs are well staked and tied to avoid damaging new roots.

If you have any Acers (Japanese Maples) the wispy growth can be trimmed back in early autumn. We do not advise cutting into the thicker stems.

Clematis and climbing plants can be trimmed back to tidy in autumn. The main pruning time for Clematis being late February (depending on group type).

Clematis Group 1

Winter flowers - Alpinas, Macropetala, Armandii varieties and all the Montanas - do not prune now you will be cutting of flowering wood.

Group 2

Large flowering type that flower before the end of June. These should be pruned back to a pair of good strong looking buds on each stem normally you should end up with a good network  of stems between 5 and 6 feet tall.
If you have a group 2 clematis that is thin and spindly cut the whole plant down to about 9”-12” as this with thicken the plant up.

Group 3

Plants that flower after the end of June. These include some of the larger flowering types - Tanquiticas, Viticellas, Texensis, all the herbaceous types. Cut the whole plant down to 12 inches don’t be afraid it will be back looking better than ever.
One other tip is always apply slug pellets around the plants after pruning (there are pet and wildlife friendly pellets available now). We have used them for some years now and are very effective.

If you are still unsure about pruning or what group your plants fall into just send and email or phone and I’ll try to help.

Happy Gardening



A shrub is usually a multistemed plant that provides structure to a border/ planted area.

Every season, we add varieties to our shrub range as we find new or improved forms. We only grow what we consider to be good healthy varieties whether they be the old trusty garden plants or totally new varieties. We tend to add 10 to 20 varieties and drop 5 to 10.


Whilst our website lists a number of plants we grow, we do not necessarily have all plants in stock at any one time.  Please telephone us to check stock.

azalea fire glow

Azalea fire glow

camellia adolphe aud

Camellia  adolphe_aud

camellia golden spangles

Camellia  golden spangles

camellia jurys yellow

Camellia jury's yellow

pittosporum silver queen


phormium evening glow

Phormium evening glow

cornus florida sunset

Cornus florida sunset

camillia semi double red

Camellia semi double red

camellia margaret davis

Camellia Margaret Davis

cornus florida rubra

Cornus florida rubra

pittosporum french lace

Pittosporum French Lace

lavatera bicolour

Lavatera Bicolour


Camellia l v s

pittosporum tom thumb

Pittosporum tom thumb

cornus florida daybreak

Cornus florida daybreak

hibiscus woodbridge

Hibiscus woodbridge

hydrangea teller red

Hydrangea teller red

phormium pink stripe

Phormium pink stripe

Sedum Coca Cola

Sedum Coca Cola

Cotinus Young Lady

Cotinus Young Lady

Pittosporum Wendle channon

Pittosporum Wendle channon

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